Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alexandra Wallace

With over 5 million views in the past week, Alexandra Wallace's rant condemning Asians for their phone etiquette in the library sparked numerous video responses, ranging from parodies of her made up Asian language to serious responses addressing her insensitivity towards Japanese tsunami victims. She has since deleted her YouTube account and removed the original video, but numerous repostings have popped up, like the one above.

Wallace issued multiple apologies, recognizing that her comments were offensive and ill-informed. Her ignorance is not due to a lack of exposure to APA culture at UCLA, where the APA community make up 37% of the student population. What do you think caused her to formulate her perceptions, even though she has Asian friends? Do you think a video like this could appear here at SU, where the APA population makes up less than 8% of the student body?

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